Happy February 14th! Whether that means your celebrating your birthday, Single’s Awareness Day, Valentine’s Day or nothing at all, here’s a non-exhaustive, in no specific order, to-be-added-to list of romantic things there are to do all over the world.

Eat pasta and share gelato in Italy: Okay so maybe it’s not the perfect Lady and the Tramp moment, but it’s pretty great either way.

Share a bottle of Port wine on Ile Saint-Louis in Paris: And maybe take some gorgeous pictures you won’t remember taking the next morning.

Visit the Grand Place in Brussels Belgium at midnight

Take a ride in a horse drawn carriage in Cuba: Preferably at sunset

Buy flowers in the old city center in Krakow, Poland

Watch the stars come out in Nicaragua: After a week of volunteer work at Project Chacocente of course! Spend your last afternoon swimming in the lagoon and then lean back and take in the heavens as night falls.

Watch the sun set over the old harbor in Marseilles, France

Wander a small town in Flanders, Belgium (Ghent or Brugges)

Brave a snowstorm in Eastern Europe — nothing like freezing toes and then a cup of hot tea!

Visit Kylemore Abbey in Ireland during a road trip through Connemara National Park

Watch the sun rise under the Eiffel Tower

To be continued….. Next year!

Comment your ideas, perhaps I’ll add them to the list!

Do Witzenia,


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