Pack light, they say. It’ll be worth it, they say. In this case, they’re right. In the short term, packing can be miserable. But in the long-term, having an overstuffed suitcase can ruin the fun of traveling. Here’s seven ways to make it look like you know what you’re doing when it comes to packing.

  1. Make it the ultimate game of Tetris. Whether you roll (like some blogs suggest) or fold your clothing, place everything into the bag like you would a Tetris piece — no space in between items. This may mean you roll half the things and fold the other half.  IMG_6155 (1)
  2. Think about your transportation method and pack accordingly. Don’t forget things like the public transit travels after you disembark from your plane or bus. No one wants to get in trouble with airline regulations or be unable to carry their suitcase up flights of stairs in a crowded metro.
  3. To avoid over-packing, take notice of the things you wear the week or so before the trip. If the climates are similar at home and while traveling, don’t bring anything you wouldn’t wear typically. “Oh, I might need this in a specific situation” moments lead to suitcases stuffed with items that if really needed, one could buy on the road.
  4. Put necklaces and bracelets through drinking straws before you clasp them to prevent tangles. This also creates an easier way to pick up and hang them as you unpack.
  5. Underwear and socks make great shoe stuffers, keeping the shoe shape intact and making the space inside the shoe productive (see tip #1).
  6. If flying, put all the items that security checks will make you remove (liquids, computers, ect) in one bag. It’s much easier to totally empty a bag than to dig through 3 trying to pull one thing out of each. Flight over Nicaragua
  7. Plastic Bags! A tip given to me by a few traveling friends, they promise that filling gallon size bags with folded clothes or smaller items and then squeezing the air out compresses the clothes to take less space. While I haven’t tried it quite yet, you can be sure that it’s on my list of things to try in the next few months.

Please comment if you have any great tips to share! I’m always looking for new ways to lighten and organize my suitcases!

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