Musée Rodin

With it’s gardens, Musée Rodin creates a slightly different take on the presentation of art. Just a quick right turn onto Rue Varenne after you leave the Varenne metro stop (line 13), one can find the very well signed chateau that houses the museum.


The museum itself is open from 10 to 5:45 Tuesday-Sunday and the entrance fee is 10 euros, except on Wednesdays before 3pm when it is 7 euros. An audio guide purchasable for 6 euros is informative, but doesn’t contain any more information than the plaques near each sculpture relay. The audio guide would be great for an art student, but for the average visitor (myself included), the audio guide is not necessary to enjoy the museum.


The “Gates of Hell”

The museum itself is two floors worth of sculptures and paintings created by August Rodin as well as a few other artists — friends and apprentices of Rodin. Camille Claudel, Rodin’s female apprentice and lover (see more here and here ) is highlighted in the museum and there are two Monet paintings housed there as well. Make sure to take in the incredible architecture and decoration of the building as well as the sculptures inside.


The entrance fee pays your way through the museum as well as the gardens which house some of the most famous Rodin sculptures. There are fountains, places to sit, and even a café that was not as overly priced as I assumed it would be (sandwiches from 6-9 Euros). That’s not to say that it’s cheap however — a sandwich made from jam and a baguette bought at a supermarket might cost you 5 Euros for a 4 person meal.

The gardens themselves would make a great place to study or take a nap, as they have views of Rodin’s artwork as well as the Invalides palace and the Eiffel Tower. Just claim a bench and spend the day taking in the culture. While the museum building doesn’t take longer than an hour for the non-art-savvy visitor, one could spend hours sitting and taking in the city from the peace of the garden.


More information on Musée Rodin can be found at it’s website (change the language to English in the top right) here. If you’re in Paris for more than simply a few days and need a relaxing artistic space, Musée Rodin is for you.


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