Do the unthinkable. Put your headphones in your ears and listen to the most tranquil song you have on your device with the volume turned up as loud as you can stand it. Drown out your world, even while you are standing in one of the better places the world has to offer.


And then, after your sense of hearing is blocked by classical violins or choir boys or the sounds of crickets, walk up the steep winding steps to the upper chapel. And open your eyes.


Tune out the historical facts, the stories of relics and kings. Tune out the hoards of tourists surrounding you and the security guards’ warnings in hundreds of languages. Tune out the notion that you have a schedule to keep, that you have a life waiting, that you have work and a family and friends and problems.

Just look.

Stand in awe of the glass, the lights, the beauty that humans created out of a natural process and a religion that taught them to value it. Sit on one of the many chairs along the edge and just repeat your song until you feel as though you’ve come to understand life.


It sounds impossible, but I promise that this Sainte-Chapelle experience can be mind clearing, stress reducing, even life changing. Eventually, one must remove the music and take in the attraction as a tourist would, reading the signs and taking millions of photos. But for a few moments, pretend your life is a film set in Paris and that you are the star.


Do Witzenia,


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